About Us

We are committed to:

  … the creations of a positive and welcoming environment; one committed to building relationships with everyone involved within the school;

                            Axiom: “Everyone gets Plugged-In”

… a school environment where safety is paramount;

                            Axiom: “A Safe and Caring School”

… seeking out opportunities for positive and constructive praise;

                            Axiom: “Find the Opportunities; Find the Time”

… an culture where everyone is respected and the dignity of everyone is protected;

                            Axiom: “Dignity Intact”

… creating an environment where all students feel as though they can be successful;

                             Axiom: “Success comes in very Different Forms”

… all student needs are met and every student has the opportunity/right to learn; and

                             Axiom: “All student have the Right to Learn”

… it is the responsibility of each staff member to contribute to the positive atmosphere within the school.

                            Axiom: “All Cylinders Firing”