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Shirley Skagan-Daniels

Key Roles

As a teacher, I believe Peter Senge's words that all children are born with unique gifts and that a healthy functioning community depends on realizing the capacity to develop each gift.  Of primary importance to me is creating a place of belonging and acceptance, a safe, respectful and caring environment where every child can learn and grow.  This is my 17th year serving C.P. Blakely School where I've enjoyed teaching the primary grades 3 and 2.  I enjoy the strong sense of community within our school that results from the efforts of parents, students and teachers working together.  Prior to entering the teaching profession, I worked in health care.  This background of training and experience prepared me to think holistically about the health and welfare of the children.  Our snack time, for example, is an opportunity not only for refueling little bodies, but also to learn about healthy eating habits and nutrition.  I encourage parents to read with their children every day.  Not only will literacy skills develop, but so will a sense of affirmation and enjoyment from time spent with a caring adult.  In my personal time, I like to be with my family, travel, garden, and read.