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Cheri Morrison

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My name is Cheri Morrison Judson and I am the Family School Wellness (FSW) for Penhold Elementary and C.P. Blakely Elementary School. I am excited to begin my 6th year as a FSW worker for Chinook's Edge School Division. I’m a relationship based social worker who believes in a student centred approach to working with kids in a school. I believe that positive change occurs in a nurturing, trusting environment.  I work to accept and respect where each student/family is at without judgement or evaluation. It is important to understand that change occurs slowly! I strive to plant seeds of hope by magnifying strengths and looking for exceptions to negative thought patterns. I value a family's confidentiality and understand how important it is to work with not only the child but the whole family. Please feel free to call, text, or email me if you would like to talk more about your child’s social, emotional and/or family concerns.

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